Income Optional

Somewhere along the way we stopped trying to survive and started
trying to make money. It’s evident from the houses demolished by
hurricanes and later rebuilt in the exact same location. It’s evident
in the rebuilding of surface dwellings in Tornado ally. Economics
even favors houses made of flammable materials. It’s almost laughable
to the degree economics has overruled the choices that would make us

Truthfully, money plays an important role. It helps a society keep
track of what is valuable, necessary or in short supply and allows
people whom may disagree on everything from politics to religion yet
still come to an agreement on price. Money provides both non-friendly
cooperation and a wall by which people are transformed into mere

Currency is a form of technology that people forget about. It’s too
embedded in the collective subconscious as it must be in order to
function properly. People trust money’s value with their lives;
anything to feel like they weren’t breaking their backs for pieces of

That’s why the specter of hyperinflation is felt in the marrow by any
honest earning individual of society. Doesn’t it bother you that the
immense complexity of the entire economic system isn’t fully
understood? Economists still disagree on many aspects of the economy.
Society has witnessed the stock market spiral down out of control as a
network of computerized traders mindlessly followed algorithms to
disaster. The money supply is manipulated by institutions on the
highest orders as it transforms people into passengers in the great
hand basket of modern life.

Why all the complexity?

Why has “modern society” grown so far removed from the basics of life?

We have evolved into a species that pays to survive. We have traded
predators for prices. There once was a time when our adrenal glands
were needed for a short period to escape becoming dinner. Now we
exhibit signs of stress all year long. What could restore order to the
cacophony of this lifestyle so far removed from the basics? What can
we do to obtain the basics of life without returning to the caves?

It seems to me that the most cost effective way to restore some
semblance of sanity is to return to solving the basic problems of
living. And I wasn’t about to take back hoe-in-hand and a bucket into
a wheat field. If I want the basics I’d build a way to make them. I’d
build a way out of the stress of day to day rat racing. And if I could
pull that off I’d be a living blueprint for the way things could be.

It’s an odd time in history when men and women no longer live on land
that sustains them. The great migration to the cities and population
explosion have thrown so much out of balance. Yes, all the time
freed from farming labor has enhanced technological progress but now
the means to live off the land have been lost; become a forgotten art
that the cults and survivalists and the last of increasingly rare
species of farmers endure.

Could it be that coming events will remind people of the necessities
of life? How many revolutions began over bread shortages? The irony of
the human species is that while it has survived marvelously well it
still doesn’t know what it is doing on the whole as a collective.
People aren’t united worldwide they merely do the best they can with
the forces at work. They work long hours because profit mongering
demands it to be so.

None of our structures really go the distance to protect us, provide
for us and allow us to be human and only human. We will never quite be
free until we can wake up and make the day ours from the first ray of
light to the last of sunset.

Truly and dearly ours.

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