Control Everything: Season 1 (Preproduction)

Normally, I end the year with my final statement and take the last 2
to 3 weeks off from writing the FP. But I felt certain circumstances
warranted the posting of one last entry for the year.

I’m working on a video series that teaches people how to program. I
intend for it to be a much more in-depth series than anything I’ve
seen out there so far. Furthermore, I intend it to be at least
marginally entertaining to watch even if you never once reach for a
high end CLI IDE to run code examples in.

If you feel like learning about computer technology from a quirky yet
informative programmer-slash-film-maker then heat some popcorn and
kick up your feet. Give me 2 hours of your life and I’ll give you
everything you need to start rewriting tomorrow…

…or at the very least a new found appreciation for the temperamentality of
your computer, phone or tablet.

Currently, I’m finalizing the master outline. (That’s what is on my
floor in the image up there.) The cards represent VFX, code examples and
props I need to make for each episode. This is a very large project so
I need to get a handle on just how much code I need to write.

VFX stands for Video Effects by the way. I’ll be custom designing them to
enhance the look and feel of the show. That means I have the rather
ironic job of writing code …to help show code off… in a show about

Funny right?

As I assemble this project I’m currently struck by a reoccurring
metaphor I can’t seem to shake. Alton Brown ran a cooking show but he
never had to explain to his audience how to pour ingredients from one
cup into another.

Nor does he ever write the step:

    6. Open oven and insert food. 

Stirring things in a bowl is just common sense from a human
perspective but that’s not true in computer-land. This series is the
equivalent of a cooking show where the entire first season is
dedicated to teaching you how to stir, mix and measure ingredients
before we finally get to the basics of meal prep.

I’ve got an entire cooking show with recipes for ray tracers, drawing
sound, synthesizing human voice, cracking codes and programing robots.

Stay tuned.
We just gotta learn how to use our ovens.

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