I woke up all those mornings
I went to bed all those nights
And in the evenings of my youth
I tended to thoughts of flight

Of being and going places
I knew only in my dreams
I’d yearn to win the races
Writing all the reams

The pages of life story
one I’d hope would be
A trigger full of happier
memories to be.

But life is hard and rugged
an endurance sport apart
From all its great timings
it’s easy to lose heart

So, midway dawns upon me
and my memories leave me keen
That of all the time that takes me
My thoughts have never been

Upon the wonders I have lost
when preparations took their win
My eyes were steely marbles
Upon the plans to begin

Before I leave this shore
I cast away my doubt
before my clock completes its chore
I spot the perfect route


How cruel it is I finally learn
exactly how to live
Then find my lifespan half way up
That’s a hurt I can’t forgive


Once I was a little boy
that knew not of what I missed
And then I was a man
That wished and wished and wished

But the signs that pointed the right way
perhaps, clues and things were missed
For I wound up where I wound up
A fool that’s set adrift.

And shuffle off to tomorrow
Greeting morning with a sneer
And fate would smile upon me
Another year upon a year

So midway comes and passes
I pocket all the change
that life seems to dole in masses
I’d say goodnight I’m slain.

But one last breath I make thee
One last chance to catch
If medical arts wold grant me
Some time left to watch

For line by line
I’d write this world
A new one just for me
And upon it in bold letters

Written signals, things to be

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