The Optimal Girl

You probably never knew it 
just by looking at me 
but this vessel holds
a problem of 
infinite fan-cy. 

You see I like this girl
a paradox she be
And in my mind she wanders
never getting free

Although life is complex
Emotions are simple still
If luck was on my side
near her would be a thrill

It never really dawns
Because the whole Earth slows
When I see her in a heartbeat
It feels like it glows

And from the shackles       
of day to day
There is a place I go
That knows no time passes
the seconds shed their clothes

As they gather around the fire
of the love that warms the heart
A stillness in the forest
a mind to take apart

In those moments of still time
She wanders tos and fros
This, a girl adventure
a passion tender grows


I'm afraid she does not see me.
I'm like the background in the night
But if she should ever dream me
I'd say that'll be alright

Because life isn't full of chances
of second in nature
I'd wish the Earth and physics
would collide to make her see   

That of all the guys she's been through
Of all the times indeed
There's something different about
this one
Something mathematically.

For 3 sigma further
from the norm of distant curves
That's where my heart's slim chances
outlie' in mathy words.

I've run by all the theorems
I've tended all the lands
But in my endless travels
She seems the only plan

No, don't worry my dear
For someone statistical it's true
That luck must have had a heyday
when the world created you

That if I ever got the chance
To bend the laws of physics
I'd make sure a lovely nest
Awaited us for visits 

And may we journey there
Basking in the soft dim light
Tender talking all alone
together the whole night

Perhaps, the morning would
finally come indeed
As the world started turning 
again while we sleep.

I'd be jealous of the sun
that kissed your lips with light
But knowing that you exist
keeps me smiling every night


When I make my deals with god
I tell him just this once
Please! Bend the rules of the world
And let me have one chance

For even if we weren't
ever to get together
I'd still love you 
if never came to never

And fly away you would
But at least I finally knew
That the optimal girl
Was a girl just like you.

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